Mental ray noise pattern is same , Altus gives me same image

  • Hello !
    Recently decided to try Altus , I'm a Mental Ray user
    when doing animation of course sample noise pattern changes frame by frame
    but when I'm doing 2 renders of 1 frame they have same noise pattern

    Altus does no clearing job with it ...
    I assume altus needs 2 different noise patterns to execute the job
    or maybe I'm missing something ?

  • @walter
    it only renders different pattern when I'm moving animation slider from 1 to 2 (its ok when I have still image)
    but what to do with animation ? how can I render animation like this:
    render 1st frame and then render 2 frame but don't move a camera . ) I don't understand
    maybe someone can give me a hint , thank you !

  • administrators


    Hello! I think we went over this in the support ticket… Altus needs two images, with noise in different places (i.e. different seed) to filter each frame of a render. This is done by checking and unchecking "Sample Lock" when generating when generating your "b0" or "b1" images.

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