Previous forum history ?

  • Hi,
    There were some interesting topics discussed in the previous version of the forum.
    But these disappeared.
    Is it possible to bring them back please ?
    Especially, those talking of known unresolved issues.
    For example, I remember that I read something about exr data window not working, but can't find back any confirmation anymore.

  • administrators

    We took the old forum down because it wasn't easily possible to prevent people from posting to it.

    We have the posts somewhere, I'll see if I can retreive them. I'll have to export them as flat HTML, however.

    We have data window problems if the input buffers given (i.e. b0 and b1) have different data windows. Also, we don't handle data windows changing between frames of an animation. We've noticed Mantra, Nuke, and possibly other software can produce files like this. We're actively working on this and hope to have a fix soon — would you like to receive a beta to help test with us?

    Was this the issue you were encountering? AFAIK, these is the only data window-related issue we have.

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