C4DtoA proper AOVs and Mac OS crash

  • Hello, I am new to Altus and to this forum. I downloaded the demo of Altus (2.0.0 for MacOS) and I'm trying to find how it works with the information on the Innobright site but I seem to be getting conflicting info. I am using it with the latest release of Arnold - C4DtoA (Arnold

    First, the AOVs needed. According to this link for the Albedo pass:


    I need to use the 'diffuse' AOV in Arnold but here:


    it says to use the 'difuse_albedo' AOV in Arnold. Which one is it?

    Also the new Arnold does not have a 'reflection' AOV. I'm using the 'specular_indirect' AOV. Is that correct? Related to the reflection when I bring it into Altus it's suppose to go under Extra but instead it puts in Unsorted Images. My name convention is name.extra_0001.exr for it. Is this correct?

    Finally, when I start the denoising Altus (2.0.0 for Mac OS) always crashes on the second to last tile it's denoising. It creates 6 tiles (512px) and crashes before it ends the 5th one. The other 4 look good but I can never see a final result.

    I really like what I've seen from Altus but I don't know if these issues are operator error or bugs with the software. Any tutorials in the horizon with this version 2 of Altus and the latest releases of these renderers? Thank you for any help.


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