Animation denoise issue

  • Hi there
    So far we are quite happy with the denoise on still image from altus, but when we got animation result, we found following issues,
    At the same sample rate in Octane:
    1: many detail (texture detail mainly) lost compare with other denoise tool we are using.
    2: very weird waved edge on alpha channel
    3: Moire banding

    there are 4 AOV passes in the process: beauty, albedo, position and normal

    I can send you email with those animation clips if I could have the address to send to.

  • administrators

    Yes, please upload to a file upload service (e.g. WeTransfer, Google Drive) and send a link to

    Texture detail being lost may be because of a missing AOV. I notice you don't have visibility, which I don't think is available in a shipping version of Octane yet.

    Could you include the source files (both b0 and b1) for each animation frames, and any configurations and logs?

  • said in Animation denoise issue:


    I just sent those files to you via wetransfer.

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