needs to be more practical and efficient

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    I like your work very mush but found it little hard to use.
    Why not make a Nuke,fusion and AfterEffects plugin for example?, wouldn't that be more practical and unified workflow , off course that besides any render integration.
    at least the gui needs to be more smart for example to load a folder contains sequence then scan it and decide which passes it needs also if it is single or side by side or multilayer even if it is a still or animation.
    finally the very least a script to generate the passes it needs in maya or max etc.

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    @mhdmhd We're working on it!

    We actually are working on a Nuke plugin that we hope to release later this year.

    If you're using Maxwell, Altus is integrated in Maxwell Render 4.1. Try us out! This is the kind of integration we're aiming for with other renderers. What renderers do you use?

    We have some outdated scripts for Maya and 3ds Max integration, but we no longer support them and I don't think they still work. I'd be happy to give you a link to them if you'd like a starting point.

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