Large size VR image failed?

  • Hi there
    we are testing Altus on a 360 VR images for Gear VR.
    The image is large: 18432 x 1536
    It's a Cube Map vr camera from Ocatne, not side by side.
    All pass's together is about 1.6G.
    After we hit "RUN" in Altus, we got the following info below:


  • administrators

    @Dante-McCoy As the error mentions, you've run out of memory.

    Are you using CPU or GPU? If on CPU, you're mostly out of luck (you can enable swap if you really need to process the image, but it will take a long time).

    If on GPU, in Altus 1.8.4, we've introducing a "tiling" feature that lets Altus process images in chunks, and stitch them back together. It is slower, and there is a (negligible) quality difference, but it will let Altus process images that you otherwise would not be able to. We have basic documentation at

    Let us know if that helps!

  • Thanks! It works! we use GPU, if we use CPU then we normally get error

  • administrators

    What's the error you get on CPU?

    Generally, if you don't have enough memory to filter an image on CPU, you won't have enough to filter on GPU either. If you've more information on if that isn't strictly true, would love to know about it.

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