Plugin for MAX?

  • Hi there, I saw the info from your frontpage said: 'Altus can also run as a plugin with 3D modeling packages such as Maya, Max....'
    But I didn't see it asked me when I install Altus. Or your guys are still work on it?

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    @Dante-McCoy That's actually an error — I'll get it removed!

    We have some very old Maya/3ds Max integration scripts, but they're for an older version of Altus and are renderer dependent. We don't support them, but if you're interested I can give a link to them.

    That aside, our current strategy is for Altus to be part of the renderer rather than the 3D modeling package. What renderer do you use?

  • Hi Samat
    thanks for the reply
    we are using octane in max, we also have corona in max as well, if there is way to connect them then it will be perfect.

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    @Dante-McCoy We're working on it! No ETAs unfortunately.

    Since you're an Octane user, please drop their support a message about integrating Altus directly into Octane. Much easier for all parties than having to go through Maya or 3ds Max.

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