Altus 1.8+ CLI - GPU override syntax

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    Using the latest Altus 1.8.x version and this CLI flag: "--device-id=<number>". Do you now support multiple GPU usage? Such as this syntax: "--device-id=1,2", which would cause all Altus processing to only take place on GPU ordinals 1 and 2 as declared in the current OS, 0-indexed numbering system? Or is it still just 1 x GPU only?

    (If you are considering multiple GPU usage support, please can I highly recommend the standard industry syntax of "<integer>,<integer>,<integer>,etc" for defining multiple GPU usage slots.


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    At this time, Altus still only runs on 1 GPU at a time. If your system has multiple GPUs, you can run multiple instances of Altus (i.e. on different images).

    The --device-id flag selects which GPU Altus uses, with which you can only specify 1 GPU.

    Multiple GPU support is on our roadmap, but low priority. In many cases using multiple GPUs makes things slower, unless you're filtering very large images. It's an architectural problem we're working on fixing.

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