Version 1.7

  • Jeez, I don't know, guys. I just installed 1.7 and it seems far more confusing than 1.6. I've just uninstalled it to roll myself back to 1.6.

    Specifically, it uninstalled my license and the server didn't want to cooperate at all. Also, why do I need to manually add the passes? That just adds time to my process. Much better to keep them with check boxes as they were.

    Sorry, just my feedback.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry to hear you don't like the new GUI — it is definitely "beta" but it fixes a lot of things the old GUI did wrong (and there was quite a lot of things it did wrong). We don't ship the old GUI with 1.7, but we can look into including it in the installer of our next release, though it's not really getting further improvements.

    The point of the 1.7 GUI was to reduce visual clutter — you only see what you need to. I'm not sure what you mean about "manually adding passes" — you had to do this with the 1.6 GUI too?

    We upgraded to RLM 12.1 in 1.7 — could you describe the problems you were having with licensing a bit more?

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