Altus & Iray

  • Hi everybody, im using Iray/3D-Studio Max (World Position is done Pass by Mental Ray)

    Is it possible to obtain different Sample Seeds with Iray? Has anyone made experience with this, is Altus possible with an Iray Beauty Pass?


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    Do you happen to know where Iray's documentation is online?

    In Mental Ray, at least, the setting is known as "sample lock". Toggling/untoggling this setting will produce buffers that have been rendered with a different sample seed. Do you see anything similar in Iray?


  • Hi Samat, thanks for your reply! There is no Sample Lock in Iray.

    But, i found a solution by altering the Framenumbers. Time remapping changes the Seed.

    Getting great results from this!


  • administrators

    Fantastic — please let us know if you have any other problems. We'd love to see sample de-noised renderers if you have anything you're particularly proud!

  • Hello Don - I was just looking into this myself. I can't seem to find which is World Position for Iray. Were you able to figure this out? Thanks!

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